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Perception: [pərˈsepSH(ə)n] (noun) Intuitive understanding and insight

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Why Brite Dandelion?

“Brite Dandelion” was inspired by the idea that how we perceive ourselves, and others drives how we think, feel and act and therefore the results we achieve. 


In our coaching and advising with clients, we recognized even in our own set of past experiences as executives/leaders that the way we were viewed by others and the way we understood ourselves, was sometimes in conflict.


Each perception carried with it the opportunity to change a lens of understanding and unlock tremendous potential as individuals, leaders and within organizations. 



Our clients are emerging to seasoned C-level leaders, socially-minded founders, and executives in transition, ready to invest in change. They are executives planning a legacy. They are young founders establishing a presence. They are seasoned executives inspired to expand their impact. They are mid-career leaders that are motivated to move beyond a comfort zone. Our clients are all on the edge of aligning perception and reality in ways to unlock personal and organizational potential.


At Brite Dandelion we believe leadership coaching is a key component of driving personal growth and organizational change. As your coach we will help you accelerate learning, improve critical thinking skills, improve your interaction within a team and maximize your potential.

Our clients are reinventing organizations to stay relevant. They are willing to drive change and understand organizational impact. They are expanding their work in socially impactful ways. They are leveraging technology to generate new ways of doing things. They value new approaches and are pioneering ways to create impact. They are investing in emerging leaders to ensure success. They are deeply rooted and passionate about change and pushing boundaries on the status quo.


At Brite Dandelion, we are thought partners, strategy builders, facilitators, marketing advisors, and change management experts.




Our Story

cindy jones-nyland

We were classmates in Georgetown’s Leadership Coaching program. We recognized almost immediately that we would be connected in some way. We share a common belief that the energy we reflect is the energy we also receive.


As we grew to know one another in the program, we also started to realize that we were as alike as we were different and that our differences were also complementary strengths. (more)

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