Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

-Victor E. Frankl


Aimee Gibson


Chief Executive Officer and



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Aimee integrates her proven ability to build trusting relationships and change management expertise to coach and advise committed professionals in strengthening and optimizing themselves, their teams and their organization.  



Aimee is a consultant, coach and former executive. With over 19 years of professional experience she is passionate about supporting and accelerating leaders' learning and growth through self-awareness and self-management resulting in greater alignment of personal and professional goals and therefore greater effectiveness and success.


Aimee has a solid track record of advising and coaching executives, senior leaders and their diverse teams in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors representing a wide range of industries. Aimee has worked internationally and for small and large geographically dispersed stakeholders.



Leadership coaching, organizational change management, facilitation, teaching, mindful leadership, leadership alignment


Community Support

Founding Member and Vice President, Georgetown Institute for Transformation Learning Association


Advisor, Parent and Family Advisory Committee, Carl R. Darnal Army Medical Center, Ft. Hood TX


Senior Spouse Advisor, American Red Cross, Carl R. Darnal Army Medical Center, Ft. Hood TX


President, The Fort Hood Area Military Family Member Scholarship Fund, Ft. Hood TX




Co-founded Brite Dandelion, LLC

Coached leaders in various sectors to increase self-awareness and achieve their professional goals


Led organizational change management initiatives at large for profit and non-profit organizations


Coached executive leaders on people-related risks and issues and strategic/tactical mitigation initiatives


Developed and delivered tailored change management training


Facilitated diverse groups of youth and adults through team building and leadership growth exercises


Planned, designed and taught Management Consulting curriculum for second year MBA students.


Organized and executed conferences, web seminars and training for up to 100 client participants.


Conducted client interviews and focus groups with SME’s to more clearly distinguish opportunities for change and process improvement


As a Peace Corps volunteers, developed applied economics and small business practices curriculum and taught it with a translator.



Leadership Coaching Certificate, Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies


Advanced Trained, The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, MN


MBA, American University focused on international business


BS, NDSU focused on international business



Aimee is a proud military spouse and mother.

972-467-7860 or 202-288-4146

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