We  are committed to creating a community of organizations and leaders who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

We were classmates in Georgetown’s Leadership Coaching program. And our paths crossed day one of the experience. We recognized almost immediately that we would be connected in some way. We share a common belief that the energy we reflect is the energy we also receive. As we grew to know one another in the program, we also started to realize that we were as alike as we were different and that our differences were also complementary strengths.


Little did we know that meeting during this program would be the beginning of a deep, lasting friendship and an exciting, creative and wildly fulfilling enterprise, Brite Dandelion.


Brite Dandelion was inspired by the idea that what we perceive may not always be reality. We recognized even in our own set of past experiences as executives/leaders that the way we showed up, the way we were viewed and the contrast of the way we understood ourselves, was very different. Each perception carried with it the opportunity to change a lens of understanding. Very similar to the way we see and perceive a dandelion. This reinforces our belief that all leaders can be successful and expanding awareness is the basis for growth.


We are most proud of the integration of our family within our partnership. We made a transition from executive leadership to entrepreneurship. This transition comes with challenges, highs, lows and transformation. The power of sharing similar values, family dynamics and backgrounds has provided an unshakeable foundation for our work. We quickly learned the drivers behind our transitions – our deep seeded  values – were very much in sync, as were our visions for our future lives, both personally and professionally.


The balance of our expertise provides a rich backdrop for our transformational work with leaders and organizations. This experience coupled with a deep respect and drive for community development, social change and the alignment of people with purpose, is the basis for our work.

In Gratitude,

Aimee Gibson

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Cindy Jones-Nyland

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